Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about VICE's post-production employees organizing with the Editors Guild, your best bet is to speak directly to either a member of the VICE Organizing Committee or an Editors Guild organizer. You can reach the Guild organizers through the contact form on this website, via email, or by phone at 818.925.MPEG.


Through this website, though, you can find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions by following the links below.

What is organizing?

Why are we organizing?

How can collective bargaining change the workplace at VICE?

What’s the Editors Guild?

What are union dues?

What’s in a union contract?

I have a pretty good deal at VICE. Will a union contract undermine the deal I negotiated for myself?

What is an authorization card?

Are these authorization cards confidential?

What are my legal rights as an employee?

Aside from union contracts (with improved pay, working conditions, and benefits), what does the Editors Guild have to offer its members?

Will becoming an Editors Guild member prevent me from taking non-union freelance jobs?

What are the arguments against unionizing?

How can I find out more about organizing?

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